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Guidance & Counselling

Student's Welfare Division


The Guidance and Counselling unit offers University of Guyana students, faculty and staff free and confidential individual counselling and referrals. Assistance is available for individuals who are experiencing difficulties in the succeeding areas:

  • Concentration during lectures and the upholding of deadlines.
  • Establishing and/or maintaining a required social network.
  • Coping with financial pressures
  • Family/partner relationships.
  • Coping with a major loss
  • Making a major decision/considering a significant lifestyle change

Help is also available if you are:

  • Anxious about tests
  • A victim of a crime; abuse, robbery or any other forms of violence
  • Exhausted after continually trying to deal with a particular situation but to no avail

The unit also collaborates with other departments in providing awareness and training sessions with the objective of enhancing the lives of the University populace.

The Guidance and Counselling Officer is available for consultation by appointment only. Call the Students' Welfare Division at 222-3593/ 222-5464 Staff will assist you without asking for any identifying information. Contact can also be made via email: