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Examination Information

There will be examinations or equivalent forms of assessment in all courses each year. To be eligible to write an examination, a student must have completed the requirements of the course during the year. Any student who is not present for the examination of a course and who had not formally withdrawn from the course in accordance with the registration will be regarded as having failed that course.


Re-sit Examinations are offered to students only in the final year of their programme, except for those programmes where this has specifically been approved by Academic Board. Currently the exceptions are Law, Medicine and Pharmacy.

Resits are offered only to those students who fail not more than two (2) courses in their final year.

Resits will not be offered in courses for which students were not registered in the final year

Application to Resit Examination →

Supplemental Examinations are offered to students who are unable to write a final examination of an examinable course (a course which is not a continuous assessment course) because of extenuating circumstances. Death, Certified Illness, Professional Overseas Engagements among others can be considered as extenuating circumstances. Proof of the specific circumstance must accompany the supplemental form.

The Supplemental Examination must be written before the end of the academic year in which the student becomes eligible to do the supplemental.

Application for Supplemental Examination →

Applications for review of examination results may be initiated either by the student or the Dean of the Faculty. Applications for review must be submitted on the prescribed form which can be obtained from the Examinations Division. A fee of five thousand dollars (G$ 5,000.00) must be paid at the Bursary and the receipt submitted with the form to the Examinations Division. Once a Review is successful, that is the student’s grade and score are increased, the review fee is refunded.

When the form is submitted to the Examinations Division the following occurs:

  1. It is recorded.
  2. A memorandum/letter is sent to the faculty informing same of the application for the review.
  3. The faculty identifies a Reviewer and informs the Examinations Division.
  4. The Examinations Division prepares the review package and sends same to the Reviewer.
  5. The Reviewer returns the review package with his/her report.
  6. Report is sent to the Faculty.
  7. The Faculty convenes its Faculty Review Committee which includes a representative from the Examinations Division to consider and pronounce on the report.
  8. The Assistant Registrar, Examinations prepares a Report or the Reviews considered at the meeting and sends same to the Faculty.
  9. The Faculty prepares a report under the signature of the Dean for presentation to the Academic Board.
  10. The Academic Board as a Board of Examiners considers the report and pronounces on it.
  11. The Examinations Division writes to the students informing them of the results of the review.
  12. The Examinations Division effects the necessary changes to its records based on the approved results of the review.