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Co-Curricular Transcript

One particular added benefit of becoming involved in Co-Curricular Activities is the Co-Curricular Transcript. The co-curricular transcript is an official supplementary record for the activities and accomplishments of the undergraduate student. It is envisaged that the Co-Curricular Transcript would be used to complement the students’ resume and academic transcript for applications to graduate, medical and/or law school, and prospective employers.


It is important to note that your club must now re-register via the Registration form for Established Clubs

Submissions of the registration forms for Established clubs must reach the Student Welfare Office annually no later than October 30.

New Clubs may register at any time during the Academic year.

The co-curricular transcript is an official supplementary record of the activities and accomplishments of the undergraduate student. It is envisaged that the Co-Curricular Transcript would be used to complement the students' resume and academic transcript for applications to graduate, medical and/or law school, and prospective employers. This document will be divided into four sections i.e. Leadership activities, Professional or educational development, Honors/awards/recognitions, and General participation.

The Executive Council of the University of Guyana Students' Society will continue to give approval to any group seeking University recognition, subject to the group/club's satisfaction of some of the Registry stipulations. The group/club must submit to the Executive Council the following:
  • A constitution outlining the purpose of the organization, its administrative structure, membership requirements, voting privileges, time frame for election of officers, and a statement supporting the mission, goal and objectives of the University of Guyana;
  • A roster with a minimum of 10 members is required. No member may be on academic probation.
  • A recognition form with the list of officers, including their contact information (e-mail address, telephone numbers)
  • A signed statement from a member of the University faculty, staff or administration stating their commitment and willingness to serve as the Advisor
  • A copy of the (inter)national constitution or charter (if the organization is a chapter of an (inter) nationally- affiliated organization)
  • A request that their application be put on the agenda for a meeting of the Executive Body of UGSS, for approval. (Note: Group/Club representatives must attend that General meeting to give a brief presentation on the purpose and mission of the organization).
  • An indication of the set number of times the club/organization will meet.

Once a club has gained recognition by meeting the above criteria, to maintain such recognition that club must:

  • Renew the club/organization registration in Semester I of each subsequent academic year
  • Submit forms to indicate Change of Officers, Members, and/or Advisors to the UGSS Office
  • Comply with University regulations as outlined in the Student Handbook regarding alcohol use, drug use, and other behavior-specific issues
  • Have a faculty/administrator/professional staff member as a Campus Advisor
  • Present financial and any other records deemed necessary to the Executive Council of the UGSS for the past academic year
  • Submit attendance sheets signed by the Campus Advisor for at least 50% of all meetings held for an academic year


Organizations that do not meet these requirements as outlined will be put on probation for 30 days and will not be eligible for the benefits of University status until they are in compliance with the requirements and apply to the UGSS Executive Council for reinstatement of University recognition.

Failure to comply within 30 days could result in the loss of University recognition for the ensuing period. A club/organization may appeal the probation by submitting a written explanation of the circumstances of the non-compliance to the President, UGSS, before the end of that 30 day period.

  • Use of the University's name in the organization's title
  • Campus publicity by printed announcements and posters as approved by Students' Welfare Division and/or Public Relations Division
  • Publishing group events in the Student Guide or online
  • Advertise club/organization events, fundraisers, etc. on the approved notice boards
  • Petition for UGSS funds for group projects and activities (in accordance with UG's Guidelines for Funding)
  • Raise funds on University property with appropriate approvals
  • Reserve the use of University facilities
  • Use of a campus mailbox for club mail
  • Use of the University printing services (fee charged for services)
  • Approved organizations may open a campus bank account
  • Participation in various campus events such as the Career Day, Orientation Week, etc.
  • Support from staff members of the Students' Welfare Office

Student profiles for the CCT will be created or updated through the Students' Welfare Division. Records will be created and kept for students who:

  1. Are members on any of the University's Sports Teams
  2. Would have participated in any of the University's sporting activities (Inter-Faculty athletics etc.)
  3. Would have been listed as a member of a University recognized club/society.

Apart from these instances a student may, through the submission of a Data Entry & Validation form, detail any non-credit volunteer service performed or their involvement in approved social and cultural activities at/for the University.

The co-curricular transcript would be made available to the student by request. Similar to the Academic transcript, the student would be entitled to their first copy free of charge, thereafter Registry fees would apply. Such requests must be made via the CCT Release form. Students are encouraged to submit information for the updating of their profile as often as possible, at least once per semester. The SWD may also be approached for unofficial transcripts and may be permitted to request editing of entries made.

For more information please contact the following offices:

Office of the Assistant Registrar - Students' Welfare Division : 222-6006 ext 2235 Email:
Office of the Deputy Registrar : 222-4184