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Student's Welfare

Applicants are reminded to carefully read the dormitory rules and regulations, since acceptance of the placement offer is an indication to abide by same. First time residents of the Halls of Residence are asked to note the following list of recommended items to purchase/bring along in order to make your stay comfortable:


  1. Cooking & Eating utensils:
    • A small pot (for boiling water)
    • A small frying pan
    • Small kitchen knife, cutting board, small plastic bowls for food preparation & a cooking spoon/spatula
    • Dinner plate, cereal bowl, water glass, coffee/tea mug, spoon, fork
    • A small tightly sealable storage container for non perishable food items. Note: all students have access to refrigerators for storage of perishable food items.
  2. Linen etc:
    • Bed sheets and pillow cases for a single bed
    • Pillow, Bath towel(s)
    • A regular sized bucket and clothes pins
    • Clothes hangers
    • An iron
    • A small basket for storage of clothes
    • All residents must provide personal toiletries.


Residents on special medication are asked to ensure that they bring an adequate supply of same. However, students may liaise with the Medical Center to access emergency supplies, provided same is in stock.